Single data source to efficiently operate


SurgeOn™ is a comprehensive software package designed specifically for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

SurgeOn™ has the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing software or support a new facility with the latest advancements in medical software solutions. Since 1978, Experior gained knowledge from the nation’s top ASC staff members, administrators, consultants, and medical management companies to develop a ‘best in class’ software for ASCs. It is this knowledge and experience that enables us to create the first product for surgery centers that conforms to each client’s existing workflow environment.

Software Suite


SurgeOn™ provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated Scheduling package on the market today. Eliminating the need for appointment books and forms, SurgeOn™ Scheduler is designed to allow you to quickly enter and record information. Appointments can be scheduled in seconds and are automatically checked for any conflicts with personnel, equipment, or room availability.

An added feature is our implementation of system produced Chart Packs that decrease patient registration time and your printing budget. Forms can be created from scratch or chosen from our library of over 500 forms.

Our state of the art Patient Tracking system gives centers the opportunity to track the movements of patients and helps monitor patient waiting times. The SurgeOn™ Scheduler offers several standard reports including:

  • Daily Schedules
  • Cancellation Report
  • Block Time Utilization Report
  • Schedule Look Ahead Report
  • Insurance Verification Reports
  • Pre-Op Scheduling Reports
  • The SurgeOn™ Scheduler not only provides you with the tools to schedule all appointments on-line, but also provides a wealth of information about the procedure and the patient. Because SurgeOn™ is fully integrated, any changes made in the Scheduler will be automatically updated throughout the system.

Highlights Include:

  • Displays a physician's actual historic time for performing a particular procedure
  • Warns if the scheduled physician lacks the appropriate credentials to perform a procedure
  • Simplified rearrangement of the entire schedule by clicking and dragging appointment blocks
  • Checks for scheduling conflicts with equipment, rooms, or personnel
  • In cases of conflict, the system will show all available time graphically
  • Searches for cases with only a patient or surgeon name
  • Allows for physician block time scheduling and provides calculation of block time utilization
  • Alerts the user to incomplete patient demographic records
  • Streamlines in house communication using Patient Tracking and Note Posting
  • Automatic generation of professional chart packs, preference cards, and labels with merged patient information saves time and money
  • Protects accounts receivable by flagging financial risk patients, based on current outstanding balances or past experiences with the center
  • Calculates patient cost based on insurance verification and contract information
  • Prevents the scheduling of not covered cases through insurance verification tools

Case Costing

SurgeOn™ Case Costing pulls data from posted cases and automatically downloads the data into an Excel spreadsheet allowing you to view the cost of each procedure based on overhead costs, time, extended care, materials, and direct personnel.

Case Costing allows for comparative analysis between physicians and procedure costs. It is also a vital tool for administrators who have to negotiate managed care contracts based on projection analysis. By utilizing projection analysis in Case Costing you can determine costs based on increasing case volume and mix.

Materials Management

The SurgeOn™ Materials Management module enables you to maintain, update, create, and receive purchase orders and acquire a variety of system reports.

Highlights Include:

  • Track the actual value of your inventory
  • Maintain tighter control of inventory and accounts payable
  • Keep precise and current financial statements
  • Cost out individual cases, tracking both direct and indirect costs
  • Evaluate vendors, looking at price and timelines of delivery
  • Succeed in Just-in-Time Inventory Management
  • Track supply usage by case, procedure and surgeon
  • Simplify physical inventory counts without losing detail
  • Avoid duplicate data entry
  • Submit purchase orders electronically to vendor using ANSI standards

Patient Accounting

Patient Accounting is a comprehensive system designed to maximize collections, process data efficiently, and improve patient services. SurgeOn™ lets you customize billing requirements. It automatically calculates fees based on varying carriers, physicians, and procedures, and its flexibility allows you to define parameters to fit your unique processing and management needs. Accounts receivable and practice management information are provided through extensive -- and concise -- reporting capabilities. SurgeOn™ eases future planning by giving you exact analyses of where your practice is today so you can plan for tomorrow.

Patient Accounting module functions include the following:

  • Full Collection Capabilities
  • Charge/Payment/Adjustment Entry
  • Open Item Posting
  • Patient Billing and Credit Collection
  • Insurance Management
  • Electronic Claims Submission/Remittance using ANSI formats
  • Inquiry Information
  • ODBC compliant database allows any Microsoft product to mine data for extract or report generation.
  • Management Information Reporting

Clearinghouse Services

Experior Clearinghouse Services (ECS), powered by ZirMed, offers providers a way to increase office productivity and cash flow with real time claims management solutions that meet mandated HIPAA compliance.

Your staff will no longer need to worry about the status of a claim. Every related message from the claim clearinghouse or payer is electronically attached to the claim thus eliminating the need for paper reports.

Experior and Zirmed are approved by most carriers in most states, and are very competitive.


Patient Registration provides the ability to enter and maintain all patient demographic and insurance information. Mini registration capability allows for minimal demographic information required for scheduling an appointment.

All departments and locations access the same database. Patient registrations exist in a single file. These features ensure that multiple users access consistent information every time.

Highlights Include:

  • Comprehensive patient and responsible party data
  • Ability to scan insurance card for display with patient insurance
  • On-line cross-checking for existence of active accounts
  • Entry of zip code populates city and state fields
  • Electronic Face Sheet allows for on-line verification of demographic, insurance, and appointment information
  • Medical alert codes displayed on patient information inquiries
  • On-line cross-checking for bad debt status of accounts
  • Insurance company, plan, and membership displayed
  • Referral Source identified
  • Capability to add additional patient and account data
  • Automatically assigns account numbers or manual entry
  • Automatically assigns chart numbers or manual entry
  • Ability to add needed patient data fields as required
  • Centralized or decentralized registration


Experior's Implants/Explants module protects the center via an audit trail of everything implanted or extracted. This can aid in manufacturer recalls, etc.

The Implants/Explants module:

  • Tracks all implants that leave your center in a patient
  • Tracks all implants removed from a patient
  • Provides space for serial number, lot number, and vendor name
  • As the tracking and inputting of QA/QI information becomes more of a requirement than a guideline, the Implant Register allows you to keep up with the needs of the industry and your patients.

Preference Cards

SurgeOn™ provides an easy-to-use and effective method to create, generate, and update your systems preference cards.

Highlights Include:

  • Surgeon and/or Procedure Specific
  • Linked to Scheduling, Costing, Inventory, and Billing
  • Full copy and edit options

Accreditation / Credentialing

SurgeOn™ Accreditation & Credentials Management allows the center to track, enforce, and maintain their physician and staff accreditations and credentials.

Accreditations can be maintained for all staff including physicians and nurses. Various reports allow you to track when an Accreditation expires and can produce automatic expiration and renewal letters.

Credential setup is made easy through the mass update feature that allows one physician's credentials to be copied to another. Credentials can also be defined by a physician's assigned specialty.

In the Scheduler, warnings are given when a physician is not credentialed for a certain procedure. A list of all valid Credentials can be generated for a physician at anytime.

Variance Reports

The Variance Reporting module was created in response to the need for a more complete QA/QI information module. Gathering and analyzing ways in which a surgery center can improve its quality of care has become an essential part of building a successful center.

The design of the Variance module ensures that you can enter any incident in less than a minute. The Variance module is self-maintaining, allowing you to make as many customizations as you may need. Reports can be run out of the Variance module to determine trends in center performance.

Survey Manager

In today’s competitive environment for surgical business the monitoring of patient satisfaction can keep your center a step ahead of your competition. Survey Manager provides an effective way for your staff to provide your organization with an easy and effective method to collect the data you need.

  • Allows users to create and maintain an almost unlimited number of survey questionnaires
  • Questionnaires easily printed for patient case with information for data entry on form
  • Easy entry of data from completed form including comments
  • Provides up-to-the-minute report analysis of trends in patient satisfaction

Anesthesia Billing

Experior Anesthesia Billing is uniquely designed to fulfill the needs of Ambulatory Surgery Centers that perform billing functions for anesthesiologists and CRNA’s. Anesthesia Billing allows Surgery Centers to file claims for anesthesia services separately from their surgical services.

Key features of this module are:

  • Includes an Anesthesia Billing Tool to generate one or more anesthesia visit records
  • Separate billing for anesthesia procedures
  • Easy to use tool automatically adding modifiers for billing
  • Simplified procedure dictionary with a single record for each surgical procedure
  • Ability to assign Base Units and Rate-per-Unit for each anesthesia procedure
  • Automatic claim generation
  • Full reporting capabilities