We know things can get a little tricky. That's why we have our support team ready to help every step of the way.

Ongoing Support

Experior Healthcare Systems takes great pride in providing Unparalleled Service to all our clients.

Your phone calls are answered quickly. You will receive prompt responses with the majority of problems solved during the initial telephone call. Our trained support staff are available 5 days a week during normal business hours, afterhours for critical technical issues, and anytime by email with a 24 hours or less response time. Because we strive to provide you with prompt, immediate attention, all calls are answered by support staff rather than a voice automated system.

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E-Tech Services

Experior’s E-Tech is the answer to your information technology needs. We know having expensive Information Technology professionals provide routine maintenance and administration for your network is not an efficient use of resources.

Solve your IT problems with E-Tech , your virtual IT staff!

E-Tech will:

  • Apply weekly updates to your system
  • Download the latest Client and help files
  • Maintain Client installs on Server
  • Provide monthly database maintenance (log file sizing, re-indexing)
  • Ensure scheduled tasks are in place
  • Monitor disk space
  • Perform a monthly defrag
  • Perform a monthly scandisk
  • Provide Servers Check configuration and monitoring
  • Be responsible for daily operations
  • E-Tech can streamline your operations, keep you positioned at the leading edge of technology, and ensure system performance at a fraction of the cost of an FTE
  • When it comes to your information technology needs, only the most effective and efficient solution will do! Find out how E-Tech can eliminate your IT problems

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Implementation Services

Project Management

Experior assigns a project manager to each client during installation. Project managers provide liaison assistance, help you with future strategic planning, and inform you of new products and services. They act as the client advocate, making sure all concerns are appropriately addressed.

Training and Education

The most robust system in the world today is of little value if the end user does not understand how to apply its functionality. At Experior, we believe the best plan to achieve an optimal ROI is to educate staff on how to use the many system features of Experior software.

Our professional trainers have clinic backgrounds with hands-on experience, blending extensive system knowledge with operations experience. They understand the day-to-day issues that affect clinic staff and know how to apply solid solutions. An added plus…Experior trainers are skilled at adapting training styles to match the operating characteristics of each clinic.

Experior trainers can train at the Training Center at Corporate Headquarters, train remotely via the internet, train at the client location, or a combination of each methodology. After the initial training phase, Experior offers an expanded training program for more proficient users and training for new clinic staff.

Whatever the training need, get your training from the experts. Our staff can customize programs just for you, at either corporate headquarters or on-site locations. If you are already enjoying the many benefits of the Experior solution, please take a look at Training on the Client Site for class descriptions, custom training, and available dates.

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Consulting Services

Administrators and Management sometimes require assistance from those outside your organization. Experior Consulting services can help you through each step of the process when tackling the important issues necessary to perform project assessments and initiate a plan to accomplish your goals.

Our trained staff can advise you on the most current HIPAA regulations and methods to achieve compliance. We can offer complete business office assessment to review work flows and optimize the use of your computer system software and technology. Our technology services can insure that you are maximizing the potential of your hardware investment as well as insure the optimal performance of your system through assessments, evaluation of your operating procedures, and data recovery procedures.

Experior Consulting Services, for example, can assist you in the following areas:

  • Budget Planning
  • Business Office Review
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Payer and Provider Processing
  • Statement Processing
  • Electronic Data Interchanges
  • Customized/Focused Training Programs
  • EMR Impact Analysis
  • Department Work Flow Assessment
  • Information systems assessment
  • Software Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Release Implementation
  • Technical Performance
  • Third Party Solutions
  • Wireless Technology
  • Onsite or remote consulting
  • Customization Services

The Experior product family is designed with the end user in mind. However, there may be a need for specific customer requirements that are not part of the standard application. Our programming staff will develop, install, and document customized application changes for you. These customizations will be automatically brought forward through new product releases.

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