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Post Roundtable Action Plan
April 16, 2020

CMS – ASC roundtables thank you and we hope you will continue the conversation and follow the recommended steps below towards results. If you have not attended, you should still find the documents linked below useful and can contact us to learn more.

To help us move forward with a customized plan we recommend the following steps:

  1. Complete the checklist – note any points that require research or are unclear
  2. Read through the Surge Capacity options and note which are most feasible/desirable for your center.
  3. To reach results quickly schedule meeting with Harris Experior to map out options and confirm needs.
  4. Harris Experior will work to leverage connections and relationship with hospitals in your area to align with your action plan.

Below are the documents we referenced during the roundtable and in the steps above:

** Note if you have not registered for a roundtable or contacted us already about a plan please use the form HERE to connect with us and learn more **