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COVID19 Statement 3.23.20
April 14, 2020

To Our Client Family,

We wanted to send you a quick note as we know that the current COVID-19 outbreak is beginning to affect all of us in some capacity.

We have heard this week that the impacts are being felt very differently by many of you but what is clear is that every day brings new information and the only constant is change. Our stance is that we are determined to help in any way we can regardless of any direct connection to our solutions so please feel free to ask, we promise to try!

The follow are a few items we are prepared to address or are monitoring and assessing:

  • Best practice to handle cancelled or postponed appointments
  • Billing in the event hospital procedures are pushed out to ASC’s
  • Leveraging slower schedules for team training, system maintenance, and process improvement (do not let capital expenses prevent you from taking advantage of time and availability, contact us!)
  • Telehealth for provider to patient secure video pre/post procedure appointments.
  • Forum for sharing needs or availability of PPE
  • CMS COVID19 emergency rules support

We invite you to contact us on any of the above or to raise additional items

You, your families, and patients are in all of our thoughts,

Your Harris Experior Family